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There is more to carpet cleaning that meets the eye and often a task that is given to the domestic helper to achieve - it is no easy task to actually do a proper job. A Domestic helper typically would use a vacuum cleaner for carpet cleaning to suck up the dust and dirt after which the stains are removed with natural products such as lemons and soda water to other chemicals such as turpentine and ammonia and chloroform for different types of stains types. But the longer the stain is left in the harder it is to get out and however hard the domestic helper at home works to clean out the rugs and carpets – there is so much more that meets the eye and other more effective methods of cleaning by a professional that uses more industrial methods is needed to get the job done.

Carpet cleaning involves removal of stains, dirt, grit and allergens and results in beautifying the as old carpet to look nice again. There are several methods that can be used – with old traditional one and newer ones that involve no chemical usage which is fast gaining popularity with households. Cleaning can help to enhance and prolong the life span of carpet without the need of getting a new one for the home. It is advisable to have it cleaned on a regular basis and especially when there are allergies in the family. House dust mites hide in carpets and mattresses and this is a particular issue when family members have asthma and allergic rhinitis which is shown to be an allergen and regular cleaning is really needed in these circumstances.

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The more traditional way for cleaning of the carpet and supposedly one of the most effective method would be the through the hot water extraction method whereby hot water with or without added chemicals for cleansing is sprayed on the carpet which is simultaneously vacuuming the sprayed water and picking up all the bits of dirt along the way. Another way is the dry cleaning method which uses special very low moisture systems which usually complete the task at a very fast pace. Their rapid drying time which is great for locations like offices where you need the cleaning done overnight in a short space of time. Third method, a biodegradable absorbent cleaning compound or dry compound can be used to spread all over the surface of the carpet and manually brushed or scrubbed in and then vacuumed off. The dirt is attached to the dry compound which is then extracted out and taken away via vacuuming.